domingo, 6 de mayo de 2018

EICL - 2187'5 kHz - M/V ARKLOW RAINBOW - 50º11,4N 003º20,3W - QSL

Miroslaw Gadzala firma el correo-e confirmando la recepción de su test DSC y añade además: "
It is really big pleasure surprise, because I was not so far from Falmouth C.G. (my pos. was:.50º 11,4’N 003º 20,3’W) and they did not answer me, but You send me confirmation from, like you speaking “Salamanca, a beautiful city in the west of Spain”, it is much far more than my pos. was. My radio equipment is Sperry Marine HC 4500 MF/HF Control Unit. Best Regards, Miroslaw Gadzala 2/0 from Poland.". Thank you very much!.
04MAY2018 - 22'18 UTC

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