martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

WFLA - 970 kHz - Tampa, FL (USA) - QSL

En pocas horas he recibido respuesta de esta emisora, firmada por John McMartin, Director of Engineering. Sobre las emisoras que dependen de él, me cuenta: "970WFLA is a directional AM station located in Tampa, Florida.  970 WFLA has Harris DX25u solid state transmitter.  970 is powered at 26.2kW Daytime, and 11.3kW Nighttime.  970 WFLA is diplex with 1250 WHNZ,  on a 6 tower array.  WFLA uses 4 towers day and 5 towers at night.  We also have 620 WDAE at a different site.  I often get letter from Northern Europe about 620 WDAE.  ". Thank you very much!.
27OCT2014 - 02'22 UTC - 6967 km

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