miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

WWV - 25000 kHz - N.I.S.T. Señales Horarias - Boulder, CO (USA) - QSL

En 15 días, y después de una rápida respuesta por correo-e, he recibido la tarjeta QSL confirmando la escucha de esta emisión de caracter experimental en 25 MHz. En el correo-e me dicen: "WWV first began broadcasting on 25 MHz in 1946, but the broadcast was suspended in 1977. Due to listener interest and changes in broadcasting technology, NIST is pleased to be able to provide this service on a limited basis once again. At present, the broadcast is carried on a base-fed broadband monopole antenna. All normal WWV frequencies operate on a center-fed half-wave dipole antenna, with a dedicated backup transmitter that will come online automatically should the main transmitter fail. The 25 MHz broadcast does not have this capability at this time. Please note that the experimental 25 MHz broadcast may be interrupted without notice at any time.". Envié el informe a  wwv@nist.gov

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