lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

FM: RUSIA en la banda OIRT - Russia on the OIRT band - 06JUL2011

Esta vez toca en inglés!.
I have been working trying to trace the origin of the Russian Es signals I received from my vacation site in Tarragona. With the great help of Dmitry Mezin has been posible to identify the origin of some songs I recorded from stations I didn´t pay too much attention in a first moment. The site contains the playlists of many Russian stations minute-by-minute. The songs I recorded matched perfectly with the playlist of YU-FM ("The World - Feat. Lena Cullen - Emalkay" at 10.07 on 69.17 and with only a possible cadidate: Grozny) and Dorozhnoye Radio ("Mat' Pishet" -My Mother Writes Me- performed by Yuri Loza, at 10.40 on 68.90 with only one station: Sochi). With this data in hand It was pretty clear that the orign of all of them was the area between the Black Sea (Sochi) and The Caspian (Makhachkala). With the stronger signals moving from East to West for around one hour. Initially I thought in a more northern path (to Tver) as the pair of tx R. Rossii-R. Mayak on 71.24-72.80 is on Maksatikha also. But Jurgen Bartels pointed me the fact that I should have been receiving the Yu-FM tx. in this site too (69.50), but not! It was not there. Jurgen told me also about the possibility of been out of frequency in some case as the OIRT stations are this days strongly modulated. The Tecsun PL-380 is very selective but it seems that Jurgen was right as I wrote frequencies in my notes that where really 30 kHz off. Specially those of weaker signals with strong fading or those of the stronger stations.This is the final list I have compiled of what I received on that morning:

-09.58 68.87 Makhachkala RR Dagestan 20kw 3767 km
-10.03 69.17 Grozny YU-FM Chechenia 2,239kw 3614 km
  "The World (Feat. Lena Cullen) - Emalkay"
-10.06 71.24 Vladikavkaz RR North Osetia 17kw 3541 km
-10.12 72.80 Vladikavkaz RM RCH158 North Osetia 17kw 3541 km
-10.40 68.90 Sochi Dorozhnoye Radio.  3138 km
 "Mat' Pishet" (My Mother Writes Me) performed Yuri Loza.

Then with Russians fading out:
-10.50 70.04 Rokosovo, UR-1 Uzhhorod @1850 km
-10.55 69.53 Yarok, UR-1 Uzhhorod @1850 km

Impresionante, sobre todo porque hago DX desde un pequeño acantilado, sobre una playa preciosa, con un receptor que cabe en la palma de la mano y con sólo su antena telescópica.

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